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Requirement Yogi helps you integrate Agile processes with large specification documents. It is a tool designed to help teams create and manage requirements easily in Confluence and Jira.

Requirement management in Confluence and Jira


Write your specifications in Confluence, navigate between dependencies and build powerful requirement traceability matrices. Manage Jira-linked requirements and associate them with your tests. Take the first step and reap the benefits of Requirement Yogi.

Requirement Yogi

Requirement Yogi

It all began with an observation: requirements belong in Confluence—not Jira: Write requirements with unprecedented ease and get the full picture with a Jira-connected RTM
Jira Integration

Jira Integration

Confluence is perfect for managing requirements while Jira is second to none at tracking changes—what if you can harness the power of both? Intuitively link requirements to Jira issues and gain a seamless Confluence-Jira traceability
Test & Compliance

Test & Compliance

Generate test plans in free text with images and explanations, and ensure you have fulfilled all specifications, all in Confluence. Requirement Yogi also integrates with various testing tools in Jira.


Integrate Requirement Yogi with external tools. We have built an example for ReqIF, the XML standard of requirement exchange.

Meet the team behind the scenes

A team with more than 10 years of experience in providing innovative Atlassian solutions. Located in Sophia Antipolis, innovation valley on the French Riviera.

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Take it to the next level

Write requirements and easily find them. Navigate between dependencies and build a large Traceability Matrix to gather insights on your whole project.

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Specifications document in Confluence Cloud
Specifications document in Confluence Cloud

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